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“I wanted to feed my Labrador a high quality diet. After extensive research I trailed several foods. By far Raw Pet Foods had the greatest impact. Her coat is shiny, full of energy and far healthier. Strongly recommend.”


Dixie the Labrador

“Raw Pet Foods has proven to be the best food I can feed my Yorkshire Terrier. With history of funny stomachs and sensitive to any food. He goes mad for the food and the difference is unbelievable.”


Otis the Yorkshire Terrier

“Concerned about how unhealthy and damaging most commercial pet foods can be. We wanted a balanced and healthy diet for our German Shepherd. Within a few days the first positive change we noticed was the energy. A very happy dog with a great diet.”


Cody the German Shepherd

“A year ago we had an overweight sluggish Jack Russell. We were fond of the idea of BARF diet and trialled different frozen foods. Raw seems to be his favourite and has slimmed to perfect weight. Great product and competitively priced.”


Biscuit the Jack Russell

“Odo Absolutely loves this food. Although he has a delicate tummy, he has no more tummy problems he’s a picture of health”


Odo the Schnauzer