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Your dog is part of the family. Make sure you feed them like one.

I’m going to put it out there, from what I’ve seen dogs can’t cook. I also doubt that when Baxter’s great, great, great grandfather was scavenging for food, he came across BBQ wings and biscuits.. So what’s changed?

We have. We have changed the way we feed our dogs. The processed dog-foods we’re buying in the supermarket have now become the norm and replaced the natural diet our dogs were fed, long before the rise of machines and dog-food was turned into big corporate business.

But this raises a very reasonable question… So what? Why does it matter that it’s processed?.. At least that went through our minds, when my wife and I were looking for the right dog-food for our German Shepherd, Holly. No problem we thought, until she became ill and we discovered that what we were feeding her was causing all the problems.

Here’s why:

Processed foods contain carbohydrates and cooked meat.
Doesn’t sound too bad right? But think about it, when’s the last time you saw your dog go crazy over a loaf of bread, or a bowl of cornflakes.. it’s when you’re preparing that slab of meat, for your Sunday roast, that you’re met with a chorus of whines and you have to banish your dog from the kitchen.
When we dug a little deeper, we found that not only are (most) carbohydrates unnecessary in a dogs diet, but they also put your dog at risk of allergies and other nasty things that can easily be avoided. So watch out when you see grains on the dog-food label! – Remember carbs are not the way to your dogs heart – meat is.

Talking of meat, what’s the big deal about it being cooked? Simply put – the heat destroys its nutritional value. On top of that there’s also the preservatives and additives chucked in for good measure. Raw meat that your dog would eat, if left to their own devices, contains all the goodness and nutritional benefits, without any added chemicals.

Which all boils down to one really important point:

Producing foods that do not resemble what a dog would naturally eat are not biologically appropriate for your dog.
If certain types of food are not appropriate to feed our dogs, why do we do it? Well for a start, there’s not enough information out there on dog nutrition, and there’s never enough time to do extensive research on new products. It also takes a fair bit of courage to change your routine and radically shift your dog’s diet.But it seems crazy that we’re not giving our dogs access to the best nutrition possible, especially when the stuff we do grab off the shelf is not suited to their physiology.

By feeding our dogs food that does not mimic what they would naturally eat, we are not allowing them to live the lives they were meant to.

When Holly stopped eating her regular food, we knew we could do better for her, and having worked in the meat industry for most of my life, I owed it to her to do better. So we made it our mission to provide the best possible diet for Holly and prove to her she was a valued member of the family. I began to create homemade doggy dinners, made of high quality raw meat, combined with fruit and vegetables such as butternut squash, apples and carrots.. always using ingredients that Holly would have access to on her wild adventures.

After a couple of weeks of feeding her biologically appropriate raw foods, her health issues started to fade, and she eagerly anticipated each meal. On top of that my wife and I began to see changes to Holly that we didn’t expect – her energy levels picked up, she slimmed down and her coat even became shinier. This is when I really saw the value of what I was doing and something clicked – The raw diet was returning Holly to how she would have been if she had never eaten any of those processed foods with all the grains, carbs and cooked meats.

This made me realise that I had a duty to share this with as many dog lovers as I could. There was no other option. So I went about turning my homemade doggy dinners into a business founded on one simple principle:

To only make raw dog-food that mimics what your dog would naturally eat in the wild.

So Raw Pet Foods began, and I’m really proud to share this with you all. It’s time to give your dog food which it can enjoy and keep them in good health. A natural diet is what your dog deserves, after all most normal families would be fed up of eating fast-food three times a day, so why should your dog not eat as well as the rest of the family?